Canadiens vs. Rangers: Shooting through glass is a no go

The second game I was covering during my trip to Montreal was the game between the Canadiens and the New York Rangers. I’ve always been a fan of the Rangers so I was excited to get to see them play live. For the first game I was placed above ice level. I really wanted to [...]

Hockey playoffs

Hockey playoffs started Thursday. And apparently so did my hockey shooting.. It’s always a wonderful thing when you feel you get the great shots when the intensity of the game rises. Here’s a selection of some of the best from Thursday’s hockey game.

Christmas hockey

A little christmas hockey action

A week in Sports

All sports seasons are currently up and running. Thursday it was hockey. Though having probably the lowest total salary budget, the team is off to a pretty decent start. After 10 games, The Mighty Bulls are placed in the middle of the table. They beat the top ranked team thursday, which was quite a surprise. [...]